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Top 10 Questions on CBD Oils

by chad on 4 April, 2019

CBD oils are trending worldwide and have soared in popularity with many people, especially after their recent legalisation in the UK. This has left millions wondering what benefits the oils can bring to them. The Cannabis Trades Association UK has reported that the number of cannabidiol consumers rose from 125,000 in 2017 to 250,000 the subsequent year. With so many questions running around in so many consumer’s heads, we’ve compiled some of the top 10 questions that keep arising. 1. Are hemp oil and CBD oil the same thing? Hemp oil and CBD oil both originate from the same cannabis plant. However, CBD oil is made from the flowers, leaves and stalks and hemp oil is made from the seeds. 2. Will CBD get me high? No, CBD oil cannot get you ‘high’ or ‘psychoactive’ as the THC component that gives cannabis its psychotic effects, is not present within the formula. 3. Is CBD Legal in the UK? As long as CBD does not contain THC, then it is legal. If there is THC present in small traces, then this is considered to be a controlled substance under the 1971 Act and is illegal to possess or supply, unless it meets…

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Growing Cannabis for CBD Oils

by chad on 26 March, 2019

Every product has a story to tell of how it began and in the case of CBD oils, let’s take a look at how the cannabis plant is optimised in it’s early days. Whilst hemp seeds are planted close together, resulting in tall plants (in excess of 10 foot high) this is useful to hinder any growth of weeds around them.  Cannabis, however, is grown much differently. Cannabis grown for CBD oils, needs space around it to produce a heavy crop of flowers which won’t require fertilisers or seeds. These flowers eventually develop trichomes, in other words tiny stalks that produce the cannabinoids. The more light and nutrients that are absorbed by the plant, the more trichomes that will fill with oil. Each plant is nurtured individually to ensure optimum produce of CBD oils whilst it matures. Once the plant is harvested and allowed to dry naturally, only the flowering tops are used for producing the oils. They are finely pressed and grinder before being processed using carbon dioxide extraction. Next, they are subjected to pressure and heating, which causes the gas to convert into half gas/half liquid. The low temperatures of heating allow terpenes and flavonoids to be preserved.…

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How Cannabis Is Coming Back Into Our…

by chad on 14 March, 2019

You may have noticed the food industry is embracing a newfound passion with CBD-infused menus? Since 2018, the number of food products containing CBD has risen. Veganism is another uprising trend that’s targeting a whole new market of millennials. Commuters want to try something new to snack on during their daily commute and in the South, new CBD-inspired eateries are popping up. Take for example, London based, By Chloe, who bake and sell vegan marshmallow cookies containing CBD oils. The vegan restaurant’s slogan, “Eat Well, Eat With Purpose” is undoubtedly grabbing the attention of anyone who’s walks past the growing chain of eateries in the capital. They will even cater for your pet dog who can savour on a CBD-infused ‘peanut butter bone’. Brighton will soon host their first cannabis-infused vegetarian and vegan restaurant. The menu at The Canna Kitchen will include CBD tahini cream on roast cauliflower and chocolate chunk hemp brownie served warm with CBD terpene chocolate Sauce. Sweet treats, especially the kind that contain chocolate, are guaranteed to always be a winner. Make CBD-Infused Foods At Home Yourself You don’t ‘have to’ commute or travel to a fancy restaurant to taste CBD-infused ware either. Making your own…

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Advance Biotech Achieves Award for Best Extract 

by chad on 5 March, 2019

We are extremely proud to have achieved the award for Best Extract at the Hemp & CBD Expo at the NEC at the weekend. As an independent manufacturer without big backing, to be able to compete and win an award against the titans of the industry justifies why we do what we do. At Advance Biotech, we create handmade bespoke products which no one in Europe creates to our scale. We use unique extraction techniques that are not used by any other company in Europe. More About The Convention Over 5000 visitors flocked to Birmingham NEC for the convention, which made history as the UK’s first legal cannabis trade show dedicated to hemp and CBD products. Many visitors were able to sample CBD products for the very first time, including CBD oils, CBD coffee and even lip balms containing the cannabidiol extracted from cannabis. Exhibitors included everyone from farmers to even clothing companies all spreading the love for hemp and CBD oils! The event proved to be highly successful bringing like-minded professionals and consumers all under the same roof to spread knowledge about a fast-growing industry. We’ll be back at the NEC again in September at the end of this…

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Why Choose Organic CBD Oils?

by chad on 22 February, 2019

There are three types of consumer; those who buy everything organic, those who buy a mixture of organic and non-organic produce and others who don’t ever contemplate on ambling down the organic aisles. If you’re organic conscious and like to keep a close eye on what you ingest, then you’ll be happy to know all of Advance Biotech’s CBD oils are 100% organic certified. With the rise of cancer and other illnesses, reducing the amount of harmful chemicals that we come into contact with, can give us peace of mind that we’re doing everything we can in our power, to reduce our chances of developing such illnesses. Choosing Organic foods and oils is beneficial as it can mean more nutrients, less pesticides and more flavour. Taste is inevitable in many organic foods and oils; comparing them yourself is worthwhile even if cost if a factor. If you’ve never tasted organic food because you think it’s too expensive, then you could be missing out on a whole new experience. Why not make a few sacrifices one week and set aside an extra chunk of budget to replace your usual shopping basket items for organic alternatives instead. Try an organic cucumber and…

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Can I Add CBD Oils To My…

by chad on 19 February, 2019

The rise of the smoothie diet and its simplicity of combining several ingredients has allowed us create the perfect meal of convenience that suits even the fussiest of tastebuds. Be it a breakfast smoothie, or a post-workout smoothie, the smoothie is an easily digested meal that can be easily transported whilst on the go. It doesn’t require much effort either; pouring and whizzing yogurts, fruits, and powders together is a no-effort process that even the amateur of cooks can blend. What does all this have to do with CBD oils? The selection of accompaniments that can be added to a smoothie are endless. A trip to Costco’s food aisles vouch for the number of raw ingredients that have beneficial nutritious value, such as Organic Raw Cacao, Organic Spirulina, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Flax Seeds and not to forget hemp seeds! Then you have dried fruits, frozen fruits, fresh fruits. Yogurts, almond milk, coconut milk, cow’s milk, Kefir milk (all available as organic). But there is one ingredient that you may have missed and didn’t even think about adding - CBD oils. Yes, adding a few drops of CBD oils to your daily smoothie can add a hint of infused flavour.…

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