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All About Hemp Extract from Advance Biotech

Spagyric CBD Hemp Extract

Advance Biotech is one of the leading companies to manufacture hemp extracts. Just recently, the company bagged its second award at The Hemp and CBD Expo for its outstanding quality hemp extracts, thus making Advance Biotech, a multiple-time award-winning brand. Products like raw hemp extract, CBD paste, hemp paste make use of 100% pure hemp extract that considerably improves their quality. These items are completely organic and are suitable for vegans as well.

About Hemp

Hemp or as most commonly referred to as industrial hemp belongs to the family of cannabis sativa and has numerous industrial applications. Its growth rate is quite high and one of the oldest applications of hemp includes its usage as fibre. Currently, hemp finds application in the form of extract, CBD paste,  powder, etc. Although it originates from the same species as cannabis, the presence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)- a psychoactive compound, found to be at very low levels in hemp.

Commercial applications of hemp include its usage to make clothes, rope, textiles, bioplastic, etc. Thus, the multiple adulations received in the form of awards are evidence of the fact that the hemp products provided by Advanced Biotech are of the finest quality. They are most suited for industries or individuals who want to procure hemp products for their nutritional and structural compounds. Recently, the company received an award at Hemp & CBD Expo at the UK that is one of the most prestigious platforms for companies to showcase their products.

Applications of Hemp & Hemp Extracts

There are several nutritional and structural compounds associated with hemp that prove to be extremely useful in making it suitable for a large number of applications. The seeds of hemp are used as an additive for liquid drinks to prepare beverages such as tisanes, hemp milk, etc. Another product of hemp is hemp oil that is probably one of the most sought after items prepared from hemp. It is obtained by cold-pressing the seeds of hemp. One of the many advantages of hemp oil includes the higher bio-availability of unsaturated fatty acids. Apart from seeds, leaves of the hemp also proves to be very beneficial for applications. Although it is not as rich in nutritional content as the seeds turn out to be, the leaves are still considered as edible and are consumed raw in salads or pressed to give juices.
The demand for hemp products such as oil and paste has always been observed to be on a rise for the past few years. In the UK, hemp products are catching up with the people as they look for high-quality hemp extracts. Advance Biotech looks to cater to these needs of the consumers by providing hemp products that boast of optimum quality and supreme grade. Hemp oil and paste are the most popular items that have found huge demand in the market. It is also forecasted that in the coming years, with more sophisticated and advanced manufacturing and quality control techniques, the hemp market is going to witness a further rise.

The Bottom Line: Advance Biotech is one of the most renowned brands that deal with providing Hemp and CBD products. The multiple awards received by the company is a reflection of our product quality and brand value. With state of the art manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control, the company leaves no stone unturned in achieving products that have excellent utility and deliver all the results that are expected from them.

100% Organic

Vegan Friendly