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CBD Oil Production, Benefits and Current Market Status

CBD Oil Benefits

Advanced Biotech is an organization that manufactures and markets CBD oils in the UK and global market. The company has its head offices in the United Kingdom and is a leader in the manufacturing of high-quality CBD oils derived from the hemp plant. Our key products include CBD oils, E – Vape, topical balms, raw hemp extracts, tinctures and CBD capsules. We pride ourselves in offering the purest form of CBD products which has endeared us to our customers.

The company utilizes state of art extraction technology using custom-built soxhlet extractors, which are able holistically produce high-quality CBD oil through alcohol extraction method. This method also maintains the extracts in natural ratios.

The company has a mission to provide high quality and innovative CBD oil products that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our ultimate vision is to become a global leader in the provision of quality CBD oil products with great impact on humanity in the field of cannabinoids production and distribution. This shall be achieved through investment in research and innovation, creativity, integrity and good management.

We have a strong belief in ethical business practices and offering value for money to all our clients. As a company we have streamlined our customer service practices to ensure an efficient sales process and guarantee customer satisfaction.

The production processes are handled by a highly experienced technical team conducting rigorous quality testing and assessment to give the best and effective CBD oils.

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What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one among over a hundred chemical compounds referred to as cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. The compound i.e. tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is a psychoactive compound is responsible for the “High” resulting from its intake. Unlike THC, however the cheap CBD oil is not psychoactive in the body. This makes the kosher CBD oil UK has to offer a very appealing option for consumers.

Spagyric CBD oil is extracted using the spagyric extraction method. We are also a recognized spagyric manufacturer of CBD oil. This extraction method has gained popularity since this form of oil has the full spectrum of the important compounds that creates synergy during usage.

CBD Hemp Oil 

It is noteworthy that CBD hemp oil is derived from the hemp plant. The level of THC in the plant is usually below 0.2%. Any Cannabis Sativa plant has less than 0.3% THC is considered hemp and used to produce hemp oil. There are various studies going on to understand the effects of hemp oil benefits on the skin. With more research required in this area, some of the studies have shown that Hemp paste may provide soft and supple skin. Ongoing studies also suggest that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may be useful for skin problems and we may see hemp manufacturers marketing the product as an important skincare product in the future.

Market Status of the CBD

There is a global rush to create awareness of the uses and benefits of legal CBD oil by CBD oil companies, as they seek to create market dominance for their brands. Currently, the global market for the CBD oil is rapidly growing, with the product available in many online shops, drug stores and boutiques worldwide. Currently, CBD capsules are growing in popularity in the UK market. Researchers are also studying its usage as food additive. With the evolution of market, awareness of CBD products is increasing and various manufacturers are positioning themselves for a piece of the market share.


The high CBD oil UK has to offer comes in various concentrations such as CBD oil 1%, CBD oil 2%, CBD oil 5%, CBD oil 8%. Regarding where to buy CBD oil online, there are many approved online stores offering excellent real CBD oil. It is however important that due diligence is done get the right formulation of the product.

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