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What is the Difference between Hemp Oil & CBD Oil?

CBD Oil and Hemp Oil Differences

Studies have shown that CBD oil and hemp oil may offer various health benefits and are different in their way. There are many differences between both of these oils as they are from different parts of the cannabis plant. For consumers using CBD oil and hemp oil, they need to know about the difference between both of them as many companies market their CBD products on the name of hemp oil. In market research, it is found that CBD products are expensive as compared to hemp oil.

Difference between CBD Oil & Hemp Oil

CBD oil uses the whole plant of cannabis whereas the hemp oil comes from the seed of the plant and hence is commonly referred to as hemp seed oil. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of Cannabis Sativa and it contains trace amounts of CBD. Whereas CBD oil is rich in cannabinoids and is made from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of cannabis Sativa. It also contains THC that is less than 1 %.

Studies have shown that hemp oil is rich in vitamins & minerals; omega – 3 & omega – 6, antioxidants that have an ability to create an anti-inflammatory effect and may also help to boost the immunity system. Because of its popularity, people buy hemp oil online or from hemp oil shops. Moreover, it is also used in the different skin care and hair care products.
Using the CO2 extraction process or ethanol, the CBD oil is extracted from hemp. It is also referred to as CBD extract or hemp extract.

How to Identify Hemp Oil & CBD Oil?

CBD oil or Hemp oil can be easily identified by observing the ingredients mentioned on the packaging of the product. For hemp oil, one has to search for ‘cannabis seed oil’ or ‘cannabis Sativa seed oil’ as these terms are also used for hemp seed oil. CBD products can be easily identified as it contains ‘CBD’ or ‘Cannabidiol’. Hence, for the hemp oil, you need to search with its scientific name, as it is difficult to differentiate with the CBD oil.

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CBD Oil, Hemp Oil & Potential Health Benefits

Researchers have found that due to the nutritional power, hemp oil can help enhance one’s health in different ways. Studies have shown that CBD oil and hemp oil may be used in the treatment of different skin disorders and various other health problems. With the help of the power of the cannabis plant, CBD oil may relieve pain and aches in the body. Apart from these, various studies have shown many other health benefits of CBD Oil.

Hence, it is essential to identify both the products and choose the right product as per your need.
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