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Why Choose Organic CBD Oils?

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There are three types of consumer; those who buy everything organic, those who buy a mixture of organic and non-organic produce and others who don’t ever contemplate on ambling down the organic aisles.

If you’re organic conscious and like to keep a close eye on what you ingest, then you’ll be happy to know all that Advance Biotech offers 100% organic certified CBD oils.

With the rise of cancer and other illnesses, reducing the amount of harmful chemicals that we come into contact with, can give us peace of mind that we’re doing everything we can in our power, to reduce our chances of developing such illnesses.

Choosing Organic foods and oils is beneficial as it can mean more nutrients, less pesticides and more flavour. Taste is inevitable in many organic foods and oils; comparing them yourself is worthwhile even if cost if a factor. If you’ve never tasted organic food because you think it’s too expensive, then you could be missing out on a whole new experience. Why not make a few sacrifices one week and set aside an extra chunk of budget to replace your usual shopping basket items for organic alternatives instead. Try an organic cucumber and you will instantly be able to taste more cucumber and less water. Organic food is known to have a higher count of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids.

When we seek a higher nutritional value in organic foods, such as milk, we can rely on organic milk to give us more nutrients than non-organic milk.

What makes organic CBD oils organic?

Organic foods have been harvested without chemicals and fertilisers, which means we’re not polluting our digestive system with external contaminants and foreign bodies. It’s striking how many millions of people overlook the fact that the foods they buy and consume have been grown with chemicals.

Organic foods and oils are 100% natural! It may mean they’re smaller or a funny shape because they haven’t been fed growth hormones but wouldn’t you rather pay more to eat cleaner?

While choosing CBD oil, remember that Organic CBD oils have a better concentration per ml than inorganic CBD oils. Unlike conventional CBD oils derived from cannabis plants not grown in organic soil, It has also undergone inspection to meet a strong and rigorous set of necessary guidelines to meet certified organic standards.

Let’s look at some of the criteria that constitute whether a CBD oil qualifies for organic status:

The Seeds

All life starts off as a seed (or an egg!).

You can’t grow a plant without a seed and in the case of how cannabis is grown, the seed is where it all begins. The seed itself needs to be 100% organic, pure and untreated. No chemical formula should reside inside the seed.

The Soil

You can’t germinate a seed without soil. The soil plays a significant part in enabling organic labelling status. The Organic Soil Association and its standards and activities, and the practice of organic farmers are all based on a set of internationally recognised principles. To be truly certified as organic, these standards must have been adhered to, with no chemicals or toxins present.

No Growth Hormones or Medication

Growth hormones are a way of producing larger bulkier produce in a shorter space of time. Growing organically but with optimum growing conditions can achieve quality cannabis plants that are not overly sized, without the hormones. Organic cannabis must not have been stimulated with growth hormones, enhancers or herbicides.

No Radiation

The two basic fundamentals of plant growth are water and sunlight. Natural light is essential for organic cannabis growth. This means no artificial light and no light radiation.

100% Organic

Vegan Friendly